Vahry are New Zealand based and are recognised as being progressive, innovative and community minded. Vahry are the difference.

Vahry is the leading value based financial services company in the Waikato. Vahry is focused on ‘Shaping Better Futures’ through the provision of progressive and innovative insurance solutions, with amazing service that sets Vahry well apart from the rest. Vahry brings years of experience, innovation and research to your door.

Vahry will be there for you; with a focus on you and your people. Vahry will tailor an insurance solution to your needs and will provide personal support throughout the process.

Vahry are committed to their partners and work tirelessly to understand their needs, Vahry will focus on growing your future and those of your staff managing the process in an authentic and transparent way.



of NZers don’t have any savings – that means worrying about the now and their kids future.*



of NZers sometimes or often or always don’t pays bills or loans at final reminder – that means they won’t cope in the event of being off work due to a critical illness.*



of NZ have money worries; and of those 30% lose sleep because they are stressed about money, with 21% hiding this from their loved ones.**



of employers say money problems interfere with productivity **



annually is the direct cost of absences across NZ economy in 2016***

Productivity and engagement increases when people aren’t stressed about money, their futures and the future of their children.

Stress, in all its form, including financial stress, reduces employee productivity, increases absenteeism and presenteeism, increases the number of days taken off work for doctor visits, and increases healthcare costs incurred by employers.

ANZ Financial Well-being report – A survey of adults in NZ April 2018. ** BNZ Financial Well-being Programme Stats. *** Wellness in the Workplace Survey Report 2017

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Why Vahry Employee Insurance?

  • Health and life related insurances have been voted the number ONE most wanted work perk. It is what your employees want!
  • Insurance products are an innovative and flexible tool, providing a competitive edge in attracting new staff and keeping current ones.
  • Insurance shows you care, leaves a legacy and as a benefit is proven to increase productivity, indirectly and directly, as staff have access to the best health services.
  • Insurance unlocks access to private providers reducing reliance on the already long public health waiting lists.
  • All pre-existing conditions are covered for employees (and their direct family if selected).
  • Insurance provides piece of mind and reduces the need to borrow or raise funds from friends, family or the community (e.g. Give-A-Little).
  • Employee stress is proven to reduce productivity; insurance has multiple benefits – to them, their family and their work environment.
  • Insurances are a powerful tool and when coupled Vahry exclusive expertise can further accelerate performance and the achievement of strategic outcomes.

Vahry are proud to be the innovative leaders in employee benefits, benefits which will change the lives of New Zealanders.

Providing staff with a benefit such as life, serious illness, income or medical cover will not only make you the best boss ever, it gives those that have suffered medical events in the past to be fully covered with no exclusions.

It means your team will have less financial burden, faster treatment to get them back into the workforce and improved mental health.

Everyone deserves to live their best life and have opportunities to leave a positive legacy behind, we have the chance to make a difference, we can support the sick in our community, and give them their greatest chance of survival.

Vahry Philosophy

The belief people should not be defined by their upbringing or circumstance. We all possess the ability within ourselves or with support from the community around us, to change our situation so we can ‘shape the best version of ourselves’. For when we are all truly living our best life, being our best person, we naturally lift all those around us too, so society as a whole benefits. We are a product of the previous generation, and each generation must strive to be better than the last.

Vahry Employee Plan – The Number 1 Work Perk

The Vahry Employee Programme is about using one or more innovative solutions to improve staff wellbeing and workforce productivity harmoniously, within your business.

Life Insurance

  • A combination of life and serious illness plans.
  • Working withVahry to determine the optimal insurance cover amount.
  • Guaranteed rate for 3 years (then option to go to tender).
  • Vahry uses the largest life insurer in New Zealand, second largest in the world has been identified as the top provider with strong financial strength rating, quality products and value.
  • All other insurance providers have been screened, quality and value AIA have come on top.
  • Note all pre-existing conditions are covered. BMI, smoker vs non-smoker, family history, not taken into consideration.
  • Direct family can be included in cover – including coverage of pre-existing conditions.
  • Vahry recognised, best in class, claim managements process.
  • Cheaper than obtaining retail overall once loadings considered

Health Insurance

  • Working with Vahry to determine the optimal insurance scheme and coverage.
  • Approximately 9% increase per annum based on claims but this could be mitigated through claims history and to excess levels.
  • Vahry use a trusted international health partner, the second largest health insurer in New Zealand. A partner that has been identified as a top performer.
  • Note all pre-existing conditions are covered. BMI, smoker vs nonsmoker, family history, not taken into consideration.
  • Direct family can be included in cover – including coverage of pre-existing conditions.
  • Vahry recognised, best in class, claim managements process.
  • Cheaper than obtaining retail overall once loadings considered.

Vahry Elite Employee Plan

Unleashing the Next Level of Performance.

The Vahry Elite Employee Plan is a world first exclusive. Vahry Elite leverages 10 plus years of experience in high performance, and extensive research, to enable organisations to target a combination of insurance tools in an innovative way. Through Vahry Elite you can deploy insurance products in a way that compliments other performance programmes in your organisation and use a variety of insurance products (and other benefits) to recognise and drive performance.

Vahry has developed a way of using insurance to truly optimise productivity and performance.

The Founder

Julia founded Vahry with the fundamentals that ‘people matter’. After nearly 10 years in the New Zealand Police, Julia experienced many of the worst tragedies on the front-line, seeing first-hand how lives can change within seconds for the worse.

Julia identified that insurance is an incredible tool which can shape better futures, for individuals, families, and organisations, as it can better target health needs, and pass on inter-generational wealth and positively change family cycles.

New Zealander’s are not prepared and prioritise insuring their material belongings over themselves. This “She’ll be right’’ attitude has to change.

Julia is an active member within the Waikato community, founding the highly publicised “Step up and Save Lives” campaign in partnership with the New Zealand Blood Service to drive Hamilton to be the blood donor capital of New Zealand.

Julia is a sought after public speaker and mentor.

Julia is a Mother of 3, 2 large dogs and is a Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year community hero medallist 2021.

Recently she was recognised as one of the most impressive up-and-coming names in the insurance business. Julia was identified as a young innovator in the prestigious New Zealand Insurance young guns and was nominated for the insurance professional of the year 2021 in The Women in Insurance New Zealand Awards.

Who we work with

Want to work with us? Book a time to meet Julia.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the best Insurance options for you, book a time to meet us. We would love to have a chat!

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Andrew Blake
Andrew Blake
03:53 04 Aug 22
Julia was very knowledgeable and helpful through the process, and we managed to get our insurance policy in place very... quickly. I would highly recommend her services.read more
21:55 13 Jun 22
I was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago which was a massive shock. With hospital appointments and surgery coming up... I am unable to return to work for quite some time. With a mortgage and bills to pay the stress of my finances started to build up. After speaking with Julia about our insurance policy and collected all our information the process was done in a few days. Julia took all the stress and anxiety out of a terrible situation. I am so greatfull for the quick and incredibly easy process. I am now able to just focus on my health knowing my finances are all sortedread more
22:47 22 Apr 22
Highly recommend Julia, she is a great listener, recommends insurance that is tailored to your specific needs, and... ensures that every step of the process very easy and hassle-free. Julia is always very quick to respond whenever I have questions or need clarification.read more
Mauricio Kimura
Mauricio Kimura
07:26 16 Apr 22
Looking for a health insurance? Look no further! Julia Vahry will help you navigate into the secrets and mysteries of... the health industry to give you the best options to get you covered. She is able to identify the most accommodating plans for you and your family, looking at the missing pieces some plans don’t tell you. Having an savvy insurance advisor helps you get the best value for money. Your journey ends with Vahry Insurance!read more
Cushla Donnelly
Cushla Donnelly
00:21 08 Apr 22
Julia offers an excellent service. Julia has been super professional and easy to work with in navigating health... insurance. She is a great communicator, and patiently worked through my questions, allowing me to make the best decision for me. Highly recommend her for support, guidance and service.read more
Alex Mark
Alex Mark
04:30 31 Mar 22
Julia was great to deal with! Made sorting life & trauma insurance very easy, and guided me in the right direction for... my specific circumstances. Highly recommend!read more
Nathan Winders
Nathan Winders
20:43 28 Mar 22
Thank you for helping me with my insurance. Julia is 100% professional, and works hard for the client and their best... interests. Highly recommend.read more
Chas & liz Miller
Chas & liz Miller
03:48 02 Mar 22
Julia was amazing at helping us sort insurance out for our little family. No question was a silly question and the... whole process very straight forward.Couldn’t recommend this lady enough. Thank you so much! I can sleep at night knowing we are sorted should we ever need to be.read more
Philippa Plumridge
Philippa Plumridge
05:38 28 Oct 21
Julia was amazing from the start very easy to deal with the thought of finding new insurance was a nightmare but... luckily we found Julia and boom my worries were eliminated I can not recommend her enough fast friendly and found us the best deal thanks again for you professional service.read more
Tomas Vienazindis
Tomas Vienazindis
05:57 20 Oct 21
Great customer service! Julia has been so great in taking care of our every need for our health insurance and we highly... recommend her support, guidance and service to everyone who’s looking to have a stress free process of choosing and negotiating with different insurance providers on your behalf.read more
Neil Cording
Neil Cording
08:22 16 Oct 21
Julia was super insightful and useful. Julia was able to guide us through all of the different options available to us... as we made the decision to swap insurers.read more
Tracy Kersel
Tracy Kersel
02:59 17 Jun 21
I’ve loved working with Julia, it’s like talking to a good mate about your life, but with the added bonus that she... knows how to set up your insurance properly! Julia is so responsive and understood exactly what we were trying to achieve. Thanks for the amazing support!read more
Ashlee Walsh
Ashlee Walsh
03:52 18 Mar 21
Julia is excellent to deal with! She is very prompt, friendly and has a high level of knowledge and passion about... Health Insurance. She explained my policy in detail to me and the reason's why certain policies would be beneficial to me or not so I could make an informed and robust decision on what policy to take out. She worked within my budget and fought to get me the best deal. Highly recommend. Have a chat to her even if you just want to find out the reasons 'WHY' health insurance is so important.read more
Aroha Huirama
Aroha Huirama
02:04 18 Mar 21
Our business with Vahry Insurance started 3.5 years ago when we purchased our home . Julia has been there for us from... the very beginning and we have built a great and trusting relationship with her. She is professional and knowledgeable in her field and has always looked out for us. Happy with her business and will be staying with her for the long run.FAST FORWARD 6MONTHS….Wow what can I say Julia! You have delivered everything you represent and stand for . Supporting me every step with integrity from the start and to the very end , delivering the best news (life changing ) to me this week. Yes guys insurance does work and I will vouch that Julia will do everything she can for you . This is only a small token of appreciation that I can give back to Julia.Ngaa Manaakitangaread more
Murdoch Razmi
Murdoch Razmi
02:57 09 Sep 20
Open, honest and incredibly easy to work worth.We went through cover options in detail and came up with a... comprehensive approach to my personal, family and business requirements.Having gone through this process before, I think it's safe to say I couldn't speak more highly of Vahry.read more
Anne Paar
Anne Paar
08:17 05 Sep 20
Julia was amazing! After photographing her wedding we stayed in touch, and when it was time to sort our insurance for... our small family I didn't hesitate but to contact Julia. She has been nothing short of amazing and has aided us step by step through the process which made it easy, understandable and enjoyable. She has always made us feel that she has the very best interest for us personally, and I would not hesitate once to have her guide us through the decision making again. I know we are in good hands with Julia. Thanks so much again.read more
Bianca Cave
Bianca Cave
02:40 01 Sep 20
Vahry Insurance is AMAZING - our family can not recommend them highly enough! I used to find any excuse possible to... avoid sorting out our insurance, but Julia made the whole process so easy - her knowledge, kindess and willingness to help is second to none, she was able to find the best possible providers for exactly what we needed super efficiently. Thanks Julia!read more
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